select list of works

at the night market (2023) (23′)

Ambient music for the Portland Maine night market 2023. Electric bass, Max/MSP, field recordings.

knifechimes (2023) (installation/sound sculpture)

7 handmade steel knives + electronics.

hyperreceiver (2023) (55′)

For cello and 6-channel electronics (Max/MSP + field recordings). My second thesis concert at Bard College.


For violin, viola, cello, percussion, 4-channel electronics (Max/MSP + field recordings), and natural objects. My first thesis concert at Bard College.

woke up in worm world (2022) (13′)

For an instrument I designed and built, called a “rubber band box”, and electronics. Premiered at Joan Tower’s Music Alive! Concert series at the Bard Conservatory of Music, video here. Performed and recorded with collaborator Grace Derksen.

saving the pigeon (2022) (20′)

Manipulated field recordings.

peace for mice 5 (2022) (7′)

For 3 electric guitars and 2 electric basses.

music for 4 tubes, rocks, plaster, glass, and metal (2021) (8′)

For instruments I made out of recycled materials, played by audience members following a video score. Video of the performance in workshop is here.

LOW END (2021) (11′)

For cello, upright bass, electronics, and field recordings.

(join the) RUBBER (band) (2021) (12′)

For 6 “rubber band boxes” played by audience members following a durational graphic score.

Floating (2021) (5′)

For soprano and piano.

other projects

session cello

Fox Academy – “star earring”

Played and recorded cello.

Rory Strong and the Standard Candles – “Separation is Natural”

Played cello on tracks 4 and 7.

sound for video

Christophe André-Garrec – “INFRAROUGE”

Designed and recorded sounds for this video showcasing my friend Chris’s artwork. I used field recordings, synthesizers, and other electronics.


I contributed to the sound design and score of this dance film. My parts are 0:00 – 1:42 and 10:04 – 12:12.